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Hello Megan here! 

I am really excited to announce that I have recently been selected as a Engineers Without Borders Fellow (EWB) Professional Fellow! This means I will be heading to Malawi Africa in August for 4 months to do water and sanitation work!! 

While there are a ton of groups working on water and sanitation related issues, I am particularly excited to be joining the EWB team because of our shared belief that poverty is not going to be solved by focusing only on technical aspects.

It is useful to see development work as working within large existing systems not just individual issues needing to be 'fixed'.

"To think about systems means we pay attention to interrelationships, patterns and dynamics as well as to the parts. The field of systems thinking has evolved over the past 50 years as a set of methods and tools that focus on systems - rather than fragments - as the context for defining and solving complex problems, and for fostering more effective learning and design. At its best, the practice of systems thinking helps us to stop operating from crisis to crisis, and to think in a less f ragmented more integrated way." -Linda Booth Sweeney (

This makes me proud to be going to Malawi not just to dig more wells and build more latrines. Instead, I will be contributing to a project that works at an institutional level to try and make water and sanitation projects more sustainable. For more information:

A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported the three fundraising events this past month!

Here is the link to my blog:

Thank you very much for your support,






Megan's campaign is in support of Engineers Without Borders Canada
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Mathieu Gagné $25.00 Jul. 26 Keep it up Megan! I'll miss you...
Sara Nagalingam $25.00 Jul. 26 Best of luck on your journey, Megan! I'm so proud of all your efforts! xo
Sean Yaphe $50.00 Jul. 24 The Rotaract Club of Metro Montréal looks forward to following your travels and hearing about your experience! Congratulations and good luck on such an amazing endeavour!
Lise Plouffe $150.00 Jul. 23 De Pauline et Lise
Dana Giacobbi $100.00 Jul. 23 Only two things to remember in Malawi: Be well, do good! :)
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Carly Sloshower $25.00 Jul. 22 This seems like a wonderful opportunity for you! It sounds like you are involved in the kinds of projects we learned about in Participatory Local Development. Wishing you all the best!
Carina Kizlik $25.00 Jul. 20 Sorry I couldn't make it tonight!
Anonymous $25.00 Jul. 16 You're amazing, Megan. Keep up the great work!
Anonymous $25.00 Jul. 13 Have a nice time in the beautiful Malawi
Meghan Gilmore $50.00 Jul. 12 Malawi will steal your heart, I'm sure of it! Looking forward to chatting about all the ups and downs of systemic change in the WASH sector!
Shirley Fagnen $40.00 Jul. 9 Go go go and create awesome systemic changes :)
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Yazan Kawar $20.00 Jul. 4 Good luck reaching your goal! I look forward to the treats at predep :)
Anonymous $100.00 Jun. 25 Im so proud of what your doing Megan!
Anonymous $25.00 Jun. 19 Megan thank you for your amazing courage, generosity, and positive energy! Keep up your wonderful leadership and hard work & thank you for inspiring us all!
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