About the campaign

We Are ... EWB

EWB is diverse. We are composed of many unique individuals, we each have our own motivations, we do many different things each in our own local context. But we also act together, we share common values and approaches, and we draw strengh in our unity. Together, we are EWB.

As we approached the end of 2013, we were reflecting on what exactly EWB is to each of us. And this formed the basis of the year's campaign.

We are systems change leaders
We are innovators.
We are changemakers

We are asking tough questions.
We are challenging the status quo.
We are creating opportunities and transforming lives.
We are advocating for aid reform.

We are «add your statement here»

We are EWB.

EWB's Year-End Campaign

For you + thousands of other EWBers:
An opportunity to share EWB and what it means to you, and ask people in your networks to support a cause you care about.

For Dorothy:
By embracing the logic that deeper engagement in ideas leads to greater understanding of the complexities of development, we build better opportunities for Dorothy.

For our organization:
Building our movement of people who engage through understanding and participate through giving, further enabling our programs and impact.

For our friends and family:
An opportunity to directly invest in your passion, and the first step to further engagement.

About Engineers Without Borders Canada

Engineers Without Borders creates opportunities for rural Africans to access clean water, generate an income from small farms, and have improved access to the services and infrastructure they need to improve their lives. We harness the problem-solving approach and creative pragmatism of the Canadian engineering sector to address the root causes of poverty in rural Africa.

Contact Us:

You can call us toll free at 1-866-4813696

Mailing Address:
Engineers Without Borders Canada
302-312 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, ON
M5V 1R2

Registered Canadian Charity Number: 89980-1815-RR0001